Our Main Services

Company Services

Company On-Site Baby Care facility set-up and service
  • Monday – Friday (7am-6pm)
  • Saturday (7:30am – 1pm)
  • Ages 3 months to 5 years
Under five
Available twice a month
Company On-site after school care
  • Monday – Friday (12:30-6pm)
  • Saturday (7:30am – 1pm)
After school pick up Pick up from school to your office on-site child care facility.


Parent Services

Babysitting/Child Minding

Back Up Nanny/ Emergency nanny services

Child Party Organizing

Day or Night child care. View more here

Nannies available to fill-in in case regular helper does not show up or stops work without notice.



We Ensure

Adult to infant(3 months -2 year olds) ratio 1:3/4

Adult to child(3 years-12 year olds) ratio 1: 6

Child Insurance

Medical tests and background checks for all staff

Pediatrician On site

Staff work in shifts

All Helpers are provided with Uniforms

Training workshops for staff

Service evaluations at regular interval